Research Histology Core (RHC)

**Please contact core personnel via iLab or by direct email.**

**As of October 29th, 2018, the histology core dropoff and pickup hours will be from 10am-2pm**

Research Histology Core Laboratory

The Research Histology Core (RHC) laboratory operates out of the Office of Research as an institutional core, in partnership with the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and University Clinical Health. The mission of the RHC is to provide researchers with access to high-quality histology services and to expert consultation on histopathology to support basic and translational research. The RHC is a new institutional core, which opened July 1, 2017.

The RHC supports processing, embedding, sectioning, and H&E-staining of tissues for research purposes, primarily tissues derived from rodent models or human specimens xenografted into mice. The RHC also offers consultation services during the project design phase, and for evaluating histopathology and molecular pathology of samples by the core Scientific Director. Additional services include special stains priced by level of complexity. 

The RHC is located in Rm 544A of the 930 Madison Ave complex and is staffed by experienced clinical pathology histotechnologists and a full-time lab manager, LaShawn Barnett. General questions about pricing, turnaround time, procedures for sample submission or special instructions for sample processing should be directed to LaShawn Barnett (

Upon PI request, expert consultation is available through the Department of Pathology. In addition, prepared slides can be digitially-scanned. Please contact the Department of Pathology Chair, Dr. Mahul Amin for more information (; 901-448-2979).

For billing issues, please contact Natalie Smith, RHC Business Manager,

Requirements for Sample Submission:

1) All samples must be grossed (prepared in well-labeled tissue cassettes) prior to submission to the core. If you need assistance grossing samples, please contact for consultation.

2) PIs are responsible for providing the core with empty slide boxes or slide folders to hold all of their processed samples, or they will be charged for these supplies by the core.

3) Once samples are processed, all tissue blocks, cut slides and stained slides must be retrieved from the core; the PI is then responsible for their storage.

4) Turnaround time is based on business days, not including the date of submission; routine work: 10 business days; priority: 4 business days.

5) ALL CASSETTEES MUST BE LABELED with a histology-grade pen, and ALSO IN CASE the pen rubs off, a #2 pencil on the cassette sides, as a backup to the pen.

The following pen type is strongly recommended, STATMARK black histology pen, 12/box, Catalog#: SMP-BK,


Samples accompanied by a printed copy of the sample submission form that is generated in iLab may be dropped to the core M-F between 10am and 2pm.


Overview of Services

Services provided include:

  1. Process formalin or alcohol fixed tissues
  2. Paraffin embed processed tissues
  3. Cut paraffin blocks
  4. Provide unstained paraffin slides
  5. Provide H&E stained paraffin slides
  6. Cut unstained and/or provide H&E stained cryostat sections
  7. Perform selected special stains
  8. Upon PI request, to provide project pre-experimental design recommendations or to evaluate processed specimens in consultation with the Core Lab Manager


Pricing is available for download on the UTHSC Institutional Cores website. Current pricing is automatically uploaded when placing a service request in iLab.



LaShawn Barnett | Lab Manager |  (901) 866-8734 |

Abdallah Azouz, MD | Medical Director | (901) 545-7513 |

Tim Hodge | Administrative Manager | (901) 866-8864 |

Tiffany Seagroves, PhD, MBA | Associate VC for Research-Core Labs | (901) 448-5018 |


Location and hours of operation

Located at 930 Madison Avenue on the 5th Floor Room 545A Memphis,TN 38163

Samples are accepted from 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday

Links and Resources

  1. Research Histology
  2. UTHSC Institutional Cores


Name Role Phone Email Location
Tim Hodge
Administrative Manager

LaShawn Barnett
Lab Manager