Medicinal Chemistry (MedChem)

Overview of Services

The Medicinal Chemistry (MedChem) Core was established through the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research in September of 2017. This core was designed to assist the UTHSC investigators in all aspects of small-molecule drug development and research, including, but not limited to, target validation, lead optimization, tool compound custom synthesis, small and multi-gram scale synthesis and purification, structural determination, and purity analysis. The core director, Dr. Jiawang Liu, joined the UTHSC in September of 2017, who was supervised directly by Dr. Gabor Tigyi (Chair of the Drug Discovery and Drug Development working group for the OSPR); and financial matters were managed by Dr. Tiffany Seagroves, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research.


Jiawang Liu, Ph.D. | Core Director

Location and hours of operation

Hours Location

Monday- Friday


881 Madison Avenue

Room 579

Memphis, TN 38163

Links and Resources

  1. Medicinal Chemistry Core Page

  2. Medicinal Chemistry Brochure


Name Role Phone Email Location
Jiawang Liu, Ph.D.
COP Building, Room 579