Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy Unit of the Advanced Animal Imaging (AAI) Core

Overview of Services

The Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy (LSFM) Unit of the Advanced Animal Imaging (AAI) Core, which is currently in development, offers the following services with internal user prices shown below. The markup for external academic customers for all services will be 100% above the internal price per service. The LSFM Unit will begin accepting service requests in approximately April to May 2018. The internal prices per service will be increased by 3% per fiscal year beginning in FY20. The pricing per service includes use of the imaging equipment. There are separate fees for the imaging solution or for data analysis.

A) Imaging of transparent live or cleared specimens: $30/hr.

B) Data analysis such as imaging preprocessing, feature registration, and feature counting: estimated to be $100 per specimen (may change depending on the data size and complexity)


C) Easy Imaging solution: $30/specimen (This solution, or the equivalent solution provided by the researcher, is required to reduce light scattering to allow light to penetrate into deeper layers of cleared tissues)

D) Consultation with investigators on sample preparation such as tissue clearing at no charge

E) Consultation with investigators on methods used in data analysis at no charge


F) Extended consultation with the Unit Director on complex projects, $75/hr.


All supplies related to tissue clearing will be provided by the investigators. Because these supplies are expensive, the investigators will have best judgement how much the supply should be ordered each time. All investigators are welcome to consult with the core on this issue.


WenLin Sun, PhD | LSFM Unit Director | Associate Professor of Pharmacology

Location and hours of operation

Location   Hours

71 S. Manassas

Memphis, TN 38003


  9:00 am-5:00 pm

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WenLin Sun
LSFM Unit Director
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