Metabolic Phenotyping Mass Spectrometry (MPMS)

Overview of Services

The Metabolic Phenotyping Mass Spectrometry Facilities (MPMS) maintains a full service metabolic core centered on the use of mass spectrometry (MS) technologies and isotopomer analysis applications. The MPMS specializes in targeted small molecule analytical methods. Technologies used include an Agilent-7000C, QQQ gas chromatograph / Mass selective Detector (GC-MS/MS), which is a revolutionary advanced system with high efficiency & resolution, mass accuracy with low-to-high detection limits. This instrumentation enables absolute quantification of targeted metabolites collected from biological samples. GC-MS/MS system is interfaced with the Agilent Mass Hunter software which enables targeted analysis of known and unknown metabolites related to metabolic pathways, such as those of carbohydrate, protein and lipids. Basic research areas of interest for investigators include mouse metabolic phenotyping of obesity and related disorders, genomic & metabolomic phenotyping of murine microbiome and genetic analysis of human and animal cohorts. The MPMS also offers the use of isotopomer applications (coupled GC-MS/MS applications) which is novel and facilitates UTHSC to competitively bridge cutting edge metabolic research, as well as offer expertises on metabolic research plans and study design to our collaborators. Together, these analytical applications enable researchers to take a targeted approach to studying regulatory pathways of intermediary metabolism in diseased and non-disease states.



Dr. Michelle Puchowicz | Core Director | 901-448-2007 |

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71 S. Manassas St. Memphis, TN 38163


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